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Biological Nitrogen Fixation Scheme


The Agricultural Bacteriology unit was started during the year 1957 with an objective to isolate the beneficial microorganisms from various crops and rhizospheric soil and to utilize them for maintaining soil fertility and enhancement of crop yields. The Biological Nitrogen Fixation Scheme was put into operation on 17th May, 1960 and number of different strains of different beneficial microbes were developed and used for commercial production of different bioinoculants since 1974. Since 1968, ICAR sponsored “AICRP on Microbial Decomposition and Recycling of Farm Waste and City Wastes” was in operation under this scheme until March 2002. Under this scheme, efficient microbial decomposing cultures were developed and are being used in commercial production. Besides this, the ICAR sponsored ad hoc projects “Increased phosphate use efficiency through microorganisms in black soils of Maharashtra”, “ Mission mode project on TDDP on Rhizobium, Blue green algae and Azolla”, Revolving Fund project on “Large scale production and supply of biofertilizers” have been implemented under the BNF scheme.

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