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The Agronomy Division is one of the most important Divisions of College of Agriculture, Pune. This Division was established in 1902 under the leadership of Prof. J. B. Knight. Before the establishment of Agricultural Universities in Maharashtra state, the Head and Professor of Agronomy was being recognized as State Level Crop Specialist. Since July 2007, Prof. C.D. Chavan is heading this Division.

The main aim of the Agronomy Division is to provide instruction in Agronomy subject to undergraduate students. Since the establishment of this Division, Agronomy is the only solitary subject which is taught in all the four years of undergraduate course curriculum of B.Sc. (Agri.). Now it is also taught to the first two years of B.Sc. (Hort.) degree programme.

At present, as per the recommendations of IVth Deans Committee Report, this Division offers 15 courses with 37 credit load in Agronomy subject to the undergraduate students of B.Sc. (Agri.) degree programme. In addition to this, this Division also offers four (4) courses with eight (8) credit load to the undergraduate students of College of Horticulture, Pune. The teaching of postgraduate students is also an important and regular activity of this section since 1916. At present six to eight students are admitted for prosecuting studies in M.Sc. (Agri.) degree programme in this Division. This Division offers seven (7) courses with 21 credit load in the discipline of Agronomy for M.Sc. (Agri.) students

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