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College Dispensary


The Agricultural College Dispensary has the status of being the State Special Urban Dispensary since 1924. This dispensary has the reputation of providing ungrudging health services, earlier to the soldiers of the British Defense, and now to all the students, members of the staff and their families, and to pensioners and their families. Until it was shifted to the existing building at Wakadewadi Gate in 1958 the dispensary was housed at the barracks opposite to the main building of the college. Several diseases were treated at this dispensary by committed doctors. Quite a few of them are unknown to the present day younger generation of our country some of which includes Cholera, Syphilis, Kala azar, Leprosy, Plague, Small Pox, Tuberculosis, Opium Poisoning, Beri beri etc.

Presently, the dispensary has a Medical Officer, a Compounder, a Dresser and a Peon. Agriculture College Dispensary is rendering quality medical services round the clock to students, staff and their family members, pensioners and their families. Daily 30 to 40 patients are examined and diagnosed and are provided medical treatment. Besides, it shoulders medical accountabilities during seminars, conferences, Health Awareness Camps, routine health check-ups etc. It caters to the needs of the staff members and others at the NARP, Ganeshkhind, Agriculture School Manjari, Kuran Farm and also Lonawala and Wadgaon research stations which are under the jurisdiction the College of Agriculture, Pune,.

Since the inception of the dispensary, medicines and other medical aid were provided free of cost. With the increase in the cost of maintenance and wear and tear of the equipment and the other things, a nominal registration fee and a negligible minimum charges for consultancy are collected at present. Also various investigation like Blood sugar, Urine protein, Hemoglobin and ECG etc., are provided at a very low cost as compared to the private hospitals.



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