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Plant Pathology



The Plant Pathology division has a distinguished and outstanding contribution in research. The division is still a fountain head of all investigations on plant diseases in the state. In the field of Agricultural Bacteriology, the department is a pioneer in the country especially in plant pathogenic bacteria.
The present position and status of the Division is primarily due to early efforts of scientists like Dr. B. N. Uppal, Dr .M. K. Patel, Prof. M. N. Kamat and Dr. V. P. Bhide.


The initial activities included propaganda and campaigns against controlling the existing plant diseases and investigations into previously unknown diseases. Pioneer work on tikka disease of groundnut, wilt of tur, smuts and downy mildew of jowar, red rot of sugarcane and downy mildew of grapes was carried out in this department. The second Mycologists’ conference held at Pusa in 1919 recommended to strengthen mycological work at Pune and a full fledged department of Plant Pathology came into existence in 1926 with the appointment of Dr. B. N. Uppal as Plant Pathologist.


Plant Pathology subject is being taught as a separate subject since the inception of this college and it is the first Agriculture College in the country to offer a separate subject of Agricultural Bacteriology for Undergraduate and Postgraduate curricula for which, Dr. V. P. Bhide was specially deputed to USA to receive training in General bacteriology.

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